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The classic game that will sweep you off your feet!

The objective is to locate and flag all the mine cells as fast as possible, without detonating the minefield. Left-click the cells in order to uncover them. Every non-mine cell you uncover will have a number indicating how many mines are in its eight neighboring cells. If you uncover a mine, the minefield will be detonated, thus you lose. Right-click on a cell in order to flag it. Right-click on a cell twice if you are uncertain there is a mine underneath - the cell will then show a question mark, which will serve you as a reminder when you return to the suspected cell later on. Tip: double-click an uncovered non-mine cell if all the mines surrounding it are flagged - this will reveal all the remaining covered non-mine cells surrounding the double-clicked cell as if you clicked each one of them separately. Saving clicks - hence saving time. Once all the mine cells are flagged you win the game. Sweep carefully, and try not to blow it.
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